A ready-made community of like-minded people. Your first look into our teachers and staff living in Hangzhou and Huzhou, team building activities, food and much more.

EF Hangzhou and Huzhou – After Hours Ep 01

Sit back. Relax. Take a look into some of the lives of our teachers. 

Here we sit down with a couple of our teachers, after hours and get to know them and what makes them tick. Ever wondered why teachers move to China? What’s keeping them in China? Some of the best cities they’ve visited and much more? Enjoy our first episode of ‘EF After Hours’.

Hiking in a city of 10 million people

Although living in a metropolitan city, hiking and finding good trails has never been difficult. Enjoy this video showing our staff hiking through a city of 10 million people. If you’d like to explore the city by foot, we suggest the following hiking trails:

  1. Meiling Ancient Road
  2. Qixia Hill
  3. The Bamboo-Lined Path at Yunqi
  4. Chenghuang Mountain
  5. Langdang Hill

AGM 2020

Looking back on our accomplishments as teachers, PAs, CCs, managers and all those who contributed to another fantastic year with EF Hangzhou & Huzhou.

The night was a great success with food, drinks, awards and performances from our multi-talented staff. All our EF family members attended to celebrate this very special moment, and to welcome a great year ahead.

We look forward to next year’s event.

EF Wishes You a Merry Christmas

For some teachers, this probably was their first time to celebrate Christmas in another country. We hope everyone enjoyed it!

This time we had the yearly Christmas lunch at the “Kempinski Hotel”, a spacious and cosy restaurant beside the Grand Canal, where a perfect view could be seen from the big windows. We hope you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year, and see you all next Christmas!


Food, glorious food!

If sports aren’t really your thing, then you need not worry. Eating out in restaurants is a big part of Chinese culture. 

Naturally, our teachers can frequently be seen out dining in one of the many excellent local or international restaurants that we have here in Hangzhou and Huzhou.

Most schools take part in weekly “family dinners” which may or may not be followed by another favourite local pastime; KTV, essentially Karaoke in one of the many lavish establishments we have here in Zhejiang province and across China as a whole.

Work, rest and play

Adjusting to life in China can be a challenge. At EF, we make this as smooth as possible by offering our teachers the chance to partake in social events and cultural activities via our EF Community.

Our weekly football league is particularly successful, with each EF school competing against one another. All are welcome to join, regardless of footballing ability. We also offer weekly badminton and we’re always open to suggestions for different activities.

We’re also committed to providing regular team-building sessions. Recent activities include cookery classes, bowling and a trip to one of the China’s most famous tea fields, in nearby Longjing.