Careers and training

Professional development and training

What can you gain from us?

It doesn’t matter if you’re starting a teaching career with EF, taking a gap year, career break or just figuring things out after graduation. We’re here to help you start meaningful work overseas, and take the stress out of moving abroad.

We aim to develop and nurture your teaching credentials by placing you in one of our fun, engaging and dynamic teaching institutions to make your work, social and cultural life in China as fulfilling as possible. We’re looking to bring on board those teachers who are committed to teaching not only as a career, but to also develop themselves in a position that provides stability. Thus we provide teachers 15 month and 2-year contracts (2-year contract would be given higher priority and a more rewarding salary package).

In addition to a competitive salary, we also provide our teachers with a housing stipend, visa reimbursement, flight allowance, quarterly performance bonuses, medical insurance and more. Don’t have a TEFL? Don’t worry! If you apply through us we can offer you a full 120 hour TEFL course at a subsidized price, significantly cheaper than the standard cost. We can even begin proceedings with your application prior to you obtaining the TEFL certificate.


What academic support & development can you expect from us?

Initial onboarding

Within the first 2 weeks after arrival, we place our new teachers onto our comprehensive training and onboarding program with other new arrivals. This features a thorough introduction to our courses, processes and procedures.

During training, you will have the chance to meet and greet some of our current teachers and observe their classes. This is a perfect opportunity to take on board their methods and advice before constructing your own lesson plans and demo lessons, after which you will receive constructive feedback and guidance.

Mentor system

After finishing onboarding, teachers then go to their schools where they are assigned a mentor. The mentor’s role is to proactively involve themselves and give help, advice and feedback on all aspects of the job from lesson planning, teaching and admin tasks. The mentor reports back to the DoS so extra help can be provided if needed.

Probation period induction

All teachers have access to an online self-study program which gives further guidance and training in all aspects of teaching such as:

  • Classroom management
  • Classroom interactions
  • Motivating students to learn
  • Error correction
  • Pace in the classroom

Cambridge Teaching Knowledge Test qualifications

We’ll train you and pay for you to take these internationally recognized qualifications. They’ll enhance both your knowledge and classroom skills as well as boosting your CV with evidence of continuous, formal learning.

Hub training

Each quarter we run a city wide training session that focusses on key aspects of our teaching context with topics such as:

  • Developing phonics skills
  • Teaching grammar
  • Cognition in the classroom
  • Condition for language learning

In center training

Regular trainings and workshops that focus on developing key classroom skills, sharing of ideas and activities and developing technical teaching knowledge.

Quarterly appraisals

We believe in giving regular feedback (both informal and formal) and conduct bonus linked appraisals that review the previous three months but also give development goals and targets for the upcoming three months. This transparent feedback allows teachers to know exactly how they’re doing and what they need to do going forward.

Career ladder

We offer a ten-step career ladder with clear criteria so all staff who want to progress get the opportunity to reach their full potential. We pride ourselves on developing our teachers and nothing gives us greater pleasure than seeing a teacher progress through the ranks and developing lifelong skills and expertise.


We provide logistics support in regards to finding an apartment in which to live, setting up a bank account and more, ensuring that the transition to life in China is as smooth as possible

Learning Chinese

Learn Chinese while you teach. Take advantage of free Chinese lessons to better equip yourself with all the language necessities for living in China. Classes are held every week and you have the option of choosing the topics you’d like to learn with small group classes


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